Microfiber HMD Liners Upgrade Facial Comfort In Virtual Reality

The microfiber encapsulated dual layer open celled foam liners, detachably connect to the ergonomic insert.  The dual layered open celled foam molds to the individual contours of the user’s face and the microfiber encapsulation provides a soft, luxurious, wicking contact-surface for the user's skin.  The liners are removable and washable to provide a clean, fresh, VR experience.

We've spent a lot of time and effort experimenting with a wide variety of fabrics to find the perfect material for our removable HMD interface.  After careful consideration we decided on microfiber for our initial product launch.  Microfiber fabrics represent the forefront of textile innovation providing a soft smooth surface that's easy to keep clean.  

Impermeable Hygiene Liner Option For Public Demos

We are also offering the option of a Hygiene liner designed specifically for people that provide demos for the public.  The Hygiene liners have an impermeable top surface layer that can be wiped down with alcohol or other disinfectant between uses.