Instructions for Use:

Remove the Rift's Factory Foam:

This is not a difficult procedure but it should be done with care.  The trick is to grasp the foam as close to its connection with the Rift as possible and separate the adhesive from the Rift.  We recommend starting at the portion closest to the nose.

The adhesive used to hold the foam to the Rift is a layer of rubbery material between the foam and the plastic body of the Rift.  Pull the adhesive off the Rift as opposed to pulling the foam off the adhesive.  The adhesive will come off the Rift cleanly if you take your time and remove it slowly.

Clean off any residual foam or adhesive remaining on the user facing surface of the Rift.  Any adhesive or foam residue can be removed by firmly rubbing the residue with your thumb.

Attach the Ergonomic Insert to the Oculus Rift:

  1. Attach the included clear Velcro hook fasteners (rough side) to the facial interface portion of the Oculus Rift as shown below.
  2. Attach the included white Vecro loop fasteners (smooth side) inside the groove on the ergonomic insert as shown below.
  3. Place the ergonomic insert onto the Oculus Rift such that the corresponding hook and loop fasteners make contact and hold the ergonomic insert in place on the Oculus Rift.
  • NOTE:  We recently switched to a new Velcro product that is all hook. The fasteners will kinda snap together with a bit of pressure. For those of you that received only "rough" pieces, you have received the new Velcro product.

Care of Microfiber Liners:

When the microfiber liners get dirty they can be washed with a gentle detergent such as Woolite.  Use cool or warm water.  Do NOT wash in HOT WATER.  We recommend hand washing the liners for maximum longevity.  Lay the liners on a flat surface to dry.  DO NOT MACHINE DRY YOUR LINERS.

Care of Hygiene Liners:

The Hygiene liners are designed to be wiped down with an alcohol swab between uses to maximize user hygiene.  These liners are great for public VR demos or other situations where cleanliness is of the utmost importance.  After wiping down with an alcohol swab, dry the surface of the liner with a clean cloth or allow a few moments for the residual alcohol to evaporate before use.  

Using the Rift Factory Foam with the About Face System:

If you want to continue to use the Oculus Rift factory foam, you may attach some of the included velcro loop to the back surface of the foam.  Just cut a few sections of the loop from the provided material and attach it as shown.  Once the loop is attached it will attach to the ergonomic insert just like the microfiber or hygiene liners.

Liner Attachment Options

  1. Direct-to-Rift: The About Face liners (or the Oculus Rift factory foam if you've attached the loop fasteners) may be attached directly to the Oculus Rift.
  2. Extended Mode:  attach the About Face liner of your choice to the ergonomic insert.  Attach the ergonomic insert to the Oculus Rift.