Head Mounted Display Ergonomics for Virtual Reality

The patent pending About Face system is made up of two parts: An ergonomic, force dispersing insert; and microfiber encapsulated foam liners that are removable and washable.  The ergonomic insert is designed to optimize user comfort by accommodating the biomechanical properties of the human face.  With increased width anchor contacts corresponding to the forehead and cheekbones of users, the About Face insert distributes the pressure of the HMD onto the most robust areas of the face.  This results in a more secure connection between the user and the HMD, and makes it more comfortable for extended use.

CAD Design and Injection Molding Makes Integration Easy

In order to make sure the About Face system will integrate seamlessly with the Oculus Rift, we laser scanned the inside surface of the Rift and used those scans to CAD model the insert.  A groove along the Rift-facing side of the insert accommodates the various curves of the Rift allowing the insert to snugly mate with the HMD.  The About Face system is compatible with the Oculus Rift DK1 and DK2.