Upgrading Actual Comfort In Virtual Reality

The virtual reality industry is transitioning from sci-fi daydream to commercial reality. Head mounted display developers such as Oculus, Samsung, GameFace Labs, VRelia and others, have created amazing head mounted displays that deliver truly immersive VR environments.  At the same time, VR developers have created incredibly engaging virtual reality games and experiences.  With the focus on the diverse technical challenges of building a viable HMD and content ecosystem, human factors, including ergonomics and hygiene, remain unmet needs.  About Face VR was founded to address these needs.  About Face is offering a line of research backed products to drastically improve cleanliness and comfort in virtual reality.

Virtual Reality is changing the nature of display technology from something “out there” to something that is connected to us.  It’s an intimate connection and for VR to succeed it must be a comfortable connection.  That is our goal at About Face VR, to address the human factors and ergonomics challenges facing virtual reality and create products and solutions to meet these needs.

A Message From The Founder

Hello!  I’m Eric Greenbaum, neuroscientist, VR developer, and inventor of the About Face ergonomic system.  I spent the better part of a decade researching some of the most complex neuroscience and biophysics problems facing the medical community.  Specifically, I worked on understanding the role of protein folding in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.  In approaching the human factors and ergonomic challenges of head mounted displays, I brought a scientific, research based approach to my R&D efforts.

In creating the About Face system, I drew on a variety of scientific disciplines.  In order to understand the best way to distribute force about the face, I immersed myself in the latest research in ergonomics and orthotics.  I explored various dermatological texts to better understand the skin of the face and how best to care for it.  Finally I explored the rapidly developing field of high tech textiles and structural foams to select the best materials to ensure maximum comfort and cleanliness.  The result is a breakthrough in facial-HMD interfaces that is sure to upgrade user comfort and hygiene in VR.